Jeroen Van Herzeele Quartet

Jeroen Van Herzeele (°1965) is part of that group of jazz musicians who gave the Belgian jazz scene a new lease on life, back in the nineties. As Van Herzeele's music gains maturity, he seems to be delving deeper into John Coltrane's work. Even though the heritage of Coltrane's last musical period (think Interstellar Space, Meditations or Stellar Regions) is a point of departure, Van Herzeele's new quartet sounds refreshingly contemporary. This energetic group's concerts are always rather overwhelming.

If you're aware that you are dealing with musicians who see their music as a constant work in progress, then you should also be aware of the fact that every single concert will be a new-fangled experience. However, from the first note, it is crystal clear that you are watching an international band that oozes world class.

Pianist Fabian Fiorini is a virtuoso with an extensive background in classical and jazz all the way through to ethnic music. Italian Giovanni Barcella has a soft spot for all candid and wayward forms of music.

Bassist Jean-Jacques Avenel is a veritable legend in the free jazz scene in France. This self-taught musician was also part of Steve Lacy's international sextet for a number of years.