Quentin Manfroy - flutes
Laurent Blondiau - trumpet
Jordi Grognard - clarinets, oboe & duduk
Audrey Lauro - alto saxophone
Daniele Martini - tenor saxophone
Grégoire Tirtiaux - baritone saxophone
Martí Melià - bass saxophone
Giotis Damianidis - electric guitar
Axel Gilain - electric bass
Mathieu Calleja - drums
Jakob Warmenbol - drums
Giovanni Di Domenico - piano, fender rhodes & arp odissey
Kostas Benis - vocals (on Apophenia)

Recorded in Studio Grez, Brussels, May 2016
All music composed and arranged by Giovanni Di Domenico

Engineering & Mixing: Giovanni Di Domenico
Production: Giovanni Di Domenico & Rogé
Pictures: Giovanni Di Domenico
Design: Miquel Casaponsa

Available on Vinyl
release 01/10/2017


Abschattungen is the band Di Domenico formed to pay hommage to everything that goes under the name 'funk'. Strong grooves are laid under a forest of psychedelic textures and intense melodies, filling the auditory space with dense metaphysic dance movements.

Taking inspiration from albums as Sun Ra's Lanquidity and Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza's Feedback, black music inspired pulsations are fused with contemporary music's sensibilities and the power of free jazz, resulting in a futuristic sound but still very indebited to the marvelous history of black musics.




"Metafysisch gestructureerde freejazz met een knipoog naar zowel Pink Floyd als Frank Zappa? Of een fascinerende "loop" al even complex en buitengewoon als deze waar de kinderen van Miss Peregrine in ronddolen? Ideale soundtrack dus om er de trilogie van Ransom Riggs ('Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children') bij te lezen. Zeker ook voor fans van Miles zijn 'Bitches Brew' (de vierdelige cd-box). Kortom, "mood music" boordevol modulaire wendingen." Stef Gijssels, The Free Jazz Collective (05/01/2019) ****

"... the listener gets taken on board for a psychedelic journey that is both welcoming and infectious." Georges Tonla Briquet, Jazz'Halo (26/04/2018)


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1. Infra-Thin
G. Di Domenico - 12:44

2. Tugkanon & Lekton
G. Di Domenico - 08:06


3. Instruments Of Darkness
G. Di Domenico - 09:42

4. Apophenia
G. Di Domenico - 10:58



total time 41:30
eNR064 © 2017








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