Mark Alban Lotz - piccolo, c-, alt-, bass-, pvc contrabass flute, voice & fx
Claudio Puntin - clarinet, bass clarinet, jaw harp, voice & fx
Albert van Veenendaal - piano & prepared piano
Jörg Brinkman - cello & fx
Alan Purves Gunga - drums, percussion, brim bram & other surprising sound objects

Recording: Piet Vermonden recorded live at 'Dommelhof' in Neerpelt on the 15th of September, 2016
Mixing & Editing: Jussi Denys in Antwerpen, Belgium 2017
Mastering: Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea Studios, 2018
Production: ...
Artwork: Nicolas Leus
Design and Photo: Pascal Van Hoorebeke

special thanks to Cees van de Ven

Available on CD
release 09/12/2018


This recording documents the first live recording and the first meeting of Lotz Of Music with Claudio Puntin, a unique musical mind. We performed two sets of more than one hour where the list of tunes formed a guideline for one big improvisation. This creates an inspiring playground. We leaped into a journey of the unforeseen and loved it. Enjoy the journey.
— Mark Alban Lotz
September 2018. Zeist, The Netherlands




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1. Of Royal Herring
M. Alban Lotz - 09:04

2. Quasimodo
M. Alban Lotz - 03:58

3. Nistru
M. Alban Lotz - 09:55

4. Waiting For Prey
M. Alban Lotz - 06:32

5. Strollin' A Reef
M. Alban Lotz - 04:17

6. Improvisation
J. Brinkman / C. Puntin - 05:10

7. Tamago
M. Alban Lotz - 05:27

8. The Egg Jam Encore
El Uvo by Hermeto Pascoal - 04:38

total time - ..:..
eNR071 2018