Peter Hertmans - guitar
Steven Delannoye - tenor saxophone
Nicola Andrioli - piano
Jos Machtel - double bass
Marek Patrman - dsrums

Recording: Piet Vermonden live at 'Dommelhof' in Pelt on the 18th of October, 2012.
Mixing: Peter Hertmans
Mastering: Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea Studios, 2019
Production: Peter Hertmans & Rogé Verstraete for el NEGOCITO Records
Artwork: Nicolas Leus
Design & Photograph: Pascal Van Hoorebeke

special thanks to Cees van de Ven

Available on CD
release 6 february 2020


The great thing about being a jazz musician is the constant urge to play together with other musicians and to live the result of sharing different personalities and experiences. The sum is always bigger than its parts. Playing together with Steven, Nicola, Jos and Marek is such a dream.

Cees Van de Ven invited us to play at Dommelhof in october 2012, a marvellous venue, with this Quintet. The repertoire consisted of compositions of Steven, Nicola and myself. The evening was happening. We had a great time. The recording sounded really great and the idea came to release this concert on el NEGOCITO Records.

Cees has done so much for jazz. He was a big band leader and he knows music inside out as a programmer. I hope he will be as happy as I am with this capture of a great moment.

Releasing a live CD is a completely different thing compared to releasing a studio CD. Soundwise, but also musically. The imperfections of the excitement of the moment are an integral part of a charming live warmth that is difficultto achieve in a studio. And let's not forget the role of the audience, without the audience, this music could not exist...

I hope the listener will enjoy all these aspects when listening to this CD. That way, he will be the ultimate part of this live process.

— Peter Hertmans, September 2019






"Une album-témoin d'une session live où les quatre musiciens atteignent en même temps un niveau de musicalité et d'interconnection remarquable." Jean-Pierre Goffin, Jazz'Halo (25/10/2020)

"Ce disque qui est le témoignage d'un moment live exceptionnel est en soi un sacré album qui ravira tout fan de jazz surtout en cette période difficile où les concerts sont devenus très rares, voire impossibles. Faites-vous plaisir!" Pierre Dulieu, Dragonjazz (24/10/2020)

"Chacun est mis en valeur à son tour." Claude Loxhay, Jazz'Halo (26/05/2020)


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1. Up-Town
S. Delannoye - 08:45

2. Racconti
N. Andrioli - 07:22

3. The One Step
P. Hertmans - 11:25

4. One Chance
S. Delannoye - 10:12

5. Merci Philip
P. Hertmans - 14:16

6. Is That You
P. Hertmans - 05:28

total time - 1:06:31
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