Kris Wanders - tenor saxophone
Yusuke Akai - guitar
Shoji Hano - drums

Recording: for broadcast on 2SER-FM's "On the Corner" program
Act 2 and 6 recorded by the Jazz Maniac at "The Toff in Town" in Melbourne, Australia.
Act 9 recorded by Peter Nelson at "The Serial Space" in Sydney, Australia,
Mix & Mastering: James Clark
Producing: Kris Wanders & Rogé Verstraete
Drawing: “Spanish ghosts” by Pamela Kurth
Lay-out: Dries Verstraete

Available on CD
release 18 september 2011


One of the most powerful tenor saxophonists, Kris Wanders was at the birth of European Improvised Music in the 1960's. A member of the seminal Globe Unity Orchestra his collaborators of the time included Peter Brotzmann, Louis Moholo and Fred van Hove, Willem Breuker, Kees Hazevoet, Peter Kowald, Stu Martin, Han Bennink, Gunther Hampel , Irene Schweitzer, Joost Buis, Johannes Bauer, Dave Liebman etc… Now a resident of Melbourne, Australia, Kris Wanders regularly plays internationally and collaborates on this album with 2 Japonese musicians Yusuke Akai on guitar and Shoji Hano on drums.

Innernote: The maturity of a country can be measured by the way it treats its artists.




"Une musique improvisée qui fêterait ses retrouvailles avec la verve incandescente du jeune Free." Jazz à Paris, Canalblog (30/08/2011)


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1. Act 9
K. Wanders, Y. Akai and S. Han - 22:02

2. Act 6
K. Wanders, Y. Akai and S. Han - 10:13

3. Act 9
K. Wanders, Y. Akai and S. Han - 33:01

total time - 65:16
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