Karl Van Deun - Accoustic guitars, Banjo & Compositions
Ruben Machtelinckx - Accoustic guitars & Banjo

Recorded April 5 and 6, 2014: The Rabbitfield, Belgium
Engineer: Christophe Albertijn
Artwork & Silk-screen print: Marijke Loozen / Smeraldina Rima

Available on cd and 12" vinyl

"Plucking is dancing on strings for an ensemble of skillful or hesitant fingers." (Karl Van Deun)

Karl and Ruben mostly work together on their own compositions but also make arrangements on existing pieces, always with room for great improvisation. The pieces of Karl and Ruben are influenced by blues, minimalism and contemporary music. Both musicians play the acoustic and semi-acoustic (jazz) guitar, slightly amplified and sometimes with special effects.
This duo is a must for every guitar lover !

Karl Van Deun works since the eighties as composer / guitar, banjo and bas player in different formations and genres from jazz to folk music, bluegrass, western, swing, country, bigband, fingerpicking, .... He was on stage with musicians the likes of Mal Waldron, Erwin Vann, Pierre Vandormael, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Kurt Van Herck, Dre Pallemaerts, Philip Catherine, and many others. Due to hearing problems (hyperacusis) Karl stopped performing but kept on composing and playing.

In 2006 the Kurt Van Herck Trio dedicated the cd "Le Mariage" to him, with some of his compositions.

Ask Me - Don't Ask is the first full album of Karl Van Deun, not only composed by him, but in which he also plays all the tracks himself in duo format with young musician and master student Ruben Machtelinckx. Ruben is an upcoming guitar player and perceived as a big Belgian talent. All compositions on the album are representative of all the different styles and periods of Karls rich lifework.




"The relaxed feel of the recording makes the listener feel as if he/she is a privileged guest, someone granted the rare opportunity to witness two friends in action as they methodically work through a collection of tunes." Textura Canada (04/2016)

"Een verfijnd en persoonlijk kleinood om te koesteren." Guy Peeters, Cobra.be (03/10/2014)

"Raffinement overheerst." Karel Van Keymeulen, De Standaard, p.D7 (09/07/2014)


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1. Loss
Karl Van Deun - 03:08

2. Civilized Solitude
Karl Van Deun - 05:16

3. Question Mark
Karl Van Deun - 02:28

4. Wokitah
Karl Van Deun - 03:57

5. One For Bill Frisell
Karl Van Deun - 04:28

6. Daisy
Karl Van Deun - 02:48

Karl Van Deun - 04:35

8. Kleinood In D Groot
Karl Van Deun - 03:18

9. Inspiration
Karl Van Deun - 03:19

10. Art Of Nonsense
Karl Van Deun - 03:19

11. Wa Si Li
Karl Van Deun - 02:42

Total Time 39:45
eNR 2014