Erik Bogaerts - saxophone
Benjamin Sauzereau - guitar
Jens Bouttery - drums + electronics

Recording & Mixing: Jens Bouttery
Mastering: Uwe Teichert at Electropolis
Lay-out & Design: Laurens Teerlinck
Photography: Erik Bogaerts

Produced by Erik Bogaerts & el NEGOCITO Records

All songs are improvised except for Fäbodpsalm Från Näckådalen (Traditional), Ner6ens and Kitt (composed by Erik Bogaerts)
Release 16/07/2015 at Vrads, Denmark.

Available on cd

L l o p ( pronounce L j i o p )

Saxophonist Erik Bogaerts (banjax, Kvartett), guitarist Benjamin Sauzereau (Les Chroniques De L'Inutile) and drummer Jens Bouttery (Jens Maurits Orchestra) form the band 'Llop'. This Belgian based trio play mostly improvised song-like music, often inspired by traditional music. Jens plays drums and creates and manipulates sound by recording Benjamin and Erik live and then using those sounds through different electronic outputs to give the resulting whole an unpredictability. Llop like to challenge themselves with the musically unexpected.

The album 'Lampke' (El Negocito Records) is the start of a musical process that Llop will take further on their Scandinavian tour in July 2015. Llop are playing concerts in Marieholm (19/07) and Harlösa (21/07)(Sweden) and are "in residence" for one week to play a session at the ancient church of Harlösa Kyrka. They will be joined by bassist Brice Soniano.




"C'est une musique d'atmosphère, d'ambiance, belle et sereine, nostalgique comme le folklore, qui est une de ses sources. Les arabesques du saxophone et de la guitare, leur sonorité, le tapis électro-percussions peignent délicatement des morceaux inattendus et passionnants."  Jean Claude Vantroyen, Le Soir Mad p.16 (22/07/2015 ***)

"Belgisk jazz er noe vi ikke har full kontroll på her oppe i isødet, men fra tid til annen dukker det opp noen band som vekker interesse. Et av de som for ikke lenge siden havnet i postkassen, var trioen Llop..."  Ferdinand Jan Granlie, salt peanuts (21/05/2015)

"Wer bei Jazz Ungebundenes und Gebundenes sucht, wer einen Sinn für Improvisation hat und auch Free Jazz gegenüber offen ist, der wird Llop und deren Musik sehr schätzen. Bitte mehr davon!"  Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther, Jazzhalo (07/2015)


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1. Nacht
Llop - 05:44

2. Hapii
Llop - 04:38

3. Fäbodpsalm Från Näckådalen
Traditional - 06:26

4. Hevii
Llop - 08:34

5. Ner6ens
E. Bogaerts - 05:45

6. Rijksregisternummer
Llop - 02:56

7. Lampke
Llop - 10:35

8. Kitt
E. Bogaerts - 05:49

9. Nog Een Nacht
Llop - 11:14

Total Time 61:42