Christian Mendoza - piano
Ben Sluijs - alt saxophone / flute
Brice Soniano
- double bass

Recording & Mix: Ben Sluijs
Mastering: Dré Pallemaerts
Production: Ben Sluijs & Rogé Verstraete
Artwork & Lay-out: Bart Stolle

Available on cd

Second release of the trio 3/4 Peace founded by the Belgian saxophone and flute player Ben Sluijs together with Belgian-Peruvian pianist Christian Mendoza and the French bassist Brice Soniano. A trio setting like this is quite original and rather rare. With memories of the more intimate sound of similar trios as Giuffrey/Bley/Swallow or the trio Konitz/Mehldau/Haden, also 3/4 Peace has unmistakable a sound of their own.

Trying to describe them is not so simple. Although the three men have a thorough knowledge of the jazz tradition, they are equally inspired in their improvisations and compositions by among others, the European classical music and jazz-culture. They witness a serious quest for the development of both the individual voice as the group sound, in which their three voices are equal.

A rhythmic bass line by Brice Soniano, supportive yet lightweight and precise can, for example, carry some jumpy lines of Christian Mendoza while the alto of Ben Sluijs from there tries to twist in the air. The trio can suddenly split into duos, drawn-out meditative solo moments, energetic trio improvisations …

A large part of the repertoire consists of lyrical melodies and strong harmonic written compositions, though there is always the possibility and the necessity to be able to let go these more solid forms.

"A trio which immerges you into a game of subtle complicities, peaceful universes punctuated with energetic moments and contrapuntal interplay". London Jazznews



"Sometimes that fire possesses a distant warmth, other times a comforting heat, but in each instance, it's equally captivating."   Dave Sumner, Bird Is The Worm (04/01/2016)

"Een wonderlijk akoestisch trio, dat zweeft tussen klassiek, ambient en jazz-improvisatie. Verstilde kracht." Frederik Goossens, Knack Focus (12/2015)

"Jouer sur l'intime, la nuance, la sensibilité sans jamais lasser, c'est tout l'art de ce trio qu'il est vivement recommandé de partager."   Jazzaround, Jean-Pierre Goffin (01/2016)

"Verbluffend fraaie CD van Belgisch trio" Aad Van Nieuwkerk, VPRO Vrije Geluiden (31/12/2015)

"Dernier album de 3/4 Peace, Rainy days on the common land, est vraiment exceptionnel. Peut-être par sa fragilité, son équilibre." Jean-Claude Vantroyen, L'avis du Soir (13/01/2016)

"Vloeiend en delicaat"  **** Karel Van Keymeulen, De Standaard (09/12/2015)

" Un moment délicat de beauté et de paix. Tout ce dont le monde a si souvent besoin."  Jaccques Prouvost, Jazzques A+ (29/11/2015)

"3/4 Peace, het trio van saxofonist Ben Sluijs, pianist Christian Mendoza en bassist Brice Soniano heeft met Rainy Days On The Common Land ongetwijfeld één van de sterkste platen van 2015 gemaakt."  Dirk Roels, Jazzmozaiek nr.1 2016 *****


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1. Still
B. Sluijs - 06:40

2. Hope
C. Mendoza - 07:13

3. Bartok Violon Concerto Opening Melody
B. Bartok - 09:52

4. Constructive Criticism
B. Sluijs - 08:40

5. Les Noces De Bethleem
B. Soniano - 06:12

6. Someone Like Lee
B. Sluijs - 01:25

7. Flying Circles
B. Sluijs - 11:23

8. Cycling
B. Sluijs - 11:23

Total Time 54:32