Yedo Gibson - saxophones & frula
Vasco Trilla - drums & assorted percussion

Recorded live at Zaal 100, Amsterdam
Recording: Mix & Master: Niels Brouwer
Artwork: Angel H. Rodriguez Morales
Photo Cover: Marek Lubner
Lay-out: Vasco Trilla

Available on cd


This duo was created two years ago in Barcelona. From the very beginning it felt like they had been playing together for a long time. Since then they have played around 80 concerts, captivating audiences with their unique and powerul sound (Holland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Romenia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, ...).
As a duo they have colaborated with diffent artists like Richard Barrett, Susana Santos Silva, Luc Ex, Kaja Draksler, Mikolaj Trzaska, Marshal Allen, Michal Dymny, Nora Mulder..
They are also part of the Dutch band Boi Akih (Monica Akihary-Niels Brouwer), whith whom they toured Brazil and China,as well as the band Cows on Trees (Susana Santos Silva-Kaja Draksler-Yedo Gibson-Vasco Trilla).
Their music can be defined as an adventurous journey, where anything can happen, from soft textures, unique sounds to powerful and agresive parts, all melted in a very cohesive discourse with lots of movement that reminds of bird flocks or fish banks maneuvering in unison.
Their first cd Inherent Chirality, released by the Belgium label el NEGOCITO Records, reflects their personal musical statement.



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1. Naphthyl Rings
Y. Gibson, V. Trilla - 07:32

2. Dihedral Angle
Y. Gibson, V. Trilla - 03:54

3. Axial Chirality
Y. Gibson, V. Trilla - 05:40

4. Handedness
Y. Gibson, V. Trilla - 06:41

5. Improper Rotation
Y. Gibson, V. Trilla - 06:21

6. Polarimetry
Y. Gibson, V. Trilla - 06:06

Total Time 36:14