Gunda Gottschalk - violin
Peter Jacquemyn - double bass & voice

Recording & Mixing, Mastering: Johan Vandermaelen
Executive production: Rogé for el NEGOCITO Records
Artwork printing on drawing and coloured paper: Peter Jacquemyn

Available on CD with handprinted cover
release 20/06/2017


Non É Prohibito is short for E Pericoloso Sporgersi, Ma Non Prohibito.

In 1999, Gunda Gottschalk and Peter Jacquemyn released "E Pericoloso Sporgersi", a first duet between violin and bass, offering seventeen short improvisations, and which was awarded a prize in the young artist forum of the International Society for New Music. The title means"Leaning Out (the window) Is Dangerous", the first sentence in Italian most European kids learned when travelling the continent by train several decades ago, as did your servant.

Today, they take it a step further, "leaning out is dangerous, but it's not forbidden", a title that gives a good idea of where the duo is taking us, far beyond the limits of safety.

Gunda Gottschalk is classically trained, yet she switched quite rapidly to improvised and contemporary music, having played and released albums with Peter Kowald, who was also one of the mentors of Belgian bassist Peter Jacquemyn, a self-taught musician and visual artist.




"Non e Prohibito is an intense, challenging and liberating sonic journey, akin to passing through ever-changing scenery of an imaginary world." Ian Patterson, All About Jazz (13/03/2018) ****

"There is no plan, no concept, just interaction in the moment, and the duo varies a lot. They tease, they battle, they walk hand in hand, they quarrel and they find beauty, only to tear it to pieces with as much pleasure it took to create it, but most of all they explore, the unearth sounds to show the other, who gets inspired to do the same or to challenge, but they travel on the same journey, they make the journey. It's not easy to be invited with them, but once you are, it's a rewarding trip, participating in the creation of music" Stef, The Free Jazz Collective (17/06/2017) ****


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1. Viaggio 1
G. Gottschalk / P. Jacquemyn - 07:52

2. Viaggio 2
G. Gottschalk / P. Jacquemyn - 04:25

3. Viaggio 3
G. Gottschalk / P. Jacquemyn - 04:25

4. Viaggio 4
G. Gottschalk / P. Jacquemyn - 03:42

5. Viaggio 5
G. Gottschalk / P. Jacquemyn - 08:15

6. Viaggio 6
G. Gottschalk / P. Jacquemyn - 04:14

7. Viaggio 7
G. Gottschalk / P. Jacquemyn - 03:07



total time ..:..
Compositions: instantaneous improvisation by G. Gottschalk and P. Jacquemyn
eNR066 © 2017







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