Edward Capel - alto & soprano saxophone, alto clarinet
Bert Palinckx - double bass
Jacq Palinckx - guitar
Bart van Dongen - piano & synthesizer
Hans Sparla - trombone
Pascal Vermeer - drums
Hans Sparla - trombone

Recording: Piet Vermonden live at 'Dommelhof' in Neerpelt on the 21st of April, 2016.
Mixing & Editing: Edward Capel in Eindhoven, the Netherlands 2018
Mastering:Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea Studios, 2018
Artwork: Nicolas Leus
Design & Photograph: Pascal Van Hoorebeke

special thanks to Cees van de Ven & jazzcase.be

Available on CD
release 28/11/2018


VLEK is a particularly driven and stubborn collective of musicians with roots in improvised music, jazz and alternative rock. Joining more than 150 years of stage experience, these gents guarantee a live experience that is unparalleled. VLEK, founded in 2009, has meanwhile played at loads of venues and festivals and is the house band of the Paradox, Tilburg's (NL) important music venue. VLEK has produced two cds since 2009. After 3 years of playing together the time felt right for 'Speck'. In 2015 'Smoking Gun' was released. The music of vlek is always an interaction between improvisation and composition. Usually a new program requires a certain incubation time before it becomes cd-worthy. The music must find first a certain solid form, still allowing enough space for discovery. A standard version of a composition is certainly not enough. Joy of performing and the search for fresh musical pathways are essential for VLEK. The VLEK concert in Neerpelt (BE), April 2016, consisted of an almost entirely new program and a number of compositions that were fully developed at that time. Half a year later, the program was almost completely renewed, which created a problem of luxury; it meant there was too much music for one cd. But, the Neerpelt concert was recorded very nicely ánd el NEGOCITO Records wanted to release the concert. This came to vlek as a gift from heaven. So 2018 will embody a year in which vlek releases two cds: 'Rumble, VLEK in Neerpelt' (= the cd you now own) and 'Music On The Far Side Of The Moon', live in Paradox. The title piece of the Paradox cd is also the closing piece of the concert in Neerpelt. This indicates perfectly how a composition always finds a different life at the hand of VLEK. Enjoy your listening experience!

— Jacq Palinckx.




"De bindende factoren tussen alle muziek (op beide albums) zijn humor, avontuur en verhalen vertellen. De soms abstracte improvisaties hebben altijd een rol in het geheel en het contrasteren van hoge en lage cultuur houdt de geest van Willem Breuker in de Nederlandse jazz levend." Herman te Loo, Jazzflits 317 p.10 (06/05/2019)

"Zoals VLEK lopen er niet veel rond" Jazz'Halo, Georges Tonla Briquet (10/01/2019)


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J. Palinckx - 05:58

2. Alghero
B. Palinckx - 08:01

3. Intermezzo 1
B. van Dongen - 01:41

4. Mr. Emmerson takes a walk in the sun
B. van Dongen - 07:12

5. RumbaRumble
E. Capel - 06:28

6. Music on the far side of the moon
J. Doomernik - 09:29


total time: ..:..
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