Quentin Stokart - guitar
Bruno Grollet - tenor saxophone
Clement Dechambre - alto saxophone & bass clarinet
Manolo Cabras - double bass
Alain Deval - drums

Recording: Manolo Cabras on April 17th and 18th, 2019 at Walter, Brussels Belgium.
Mixing & Mastering: Manolo Cabras
Production: Quentin Stokart & Rogé Verstraete for el NEGOCITO Records
Drawings & Artwork: Quentin Stokart

Available on CD
release 11 november 2020


Under the proposal of Bloom, like-minded improvisors gathered at Liège's base of musicians collective 'L'Oeil kollectif' at the behest of meanwhile Brussels-based guitarist and composer Quentin Stokart. Beholding their common interest for improvised music, they started working on a repertoire of original compositions and free improvisations over same years, notedly with a more Nordic undertone. This intriguing first full album led by Stokart is it's first reward involving personnel of different generations with tons of experience.





"een heel fijne, absoluut niet te moeilijke plaat" Dani Heyvaert, Rootstime (04/04/2021)

"Bien, très bien!" Larsen magazine (12/01/2021)

"Voor liefhebbers van labels als Aspen, Intakt en Hubro." Georges Tonla Briquet, Jazz Halo (19/10/2020)

"Il ressort en tout cas de cet album une véritable cohésion artistique due, à n'en pas douter, à une écoute mutuelle des plus scrupuleuses. Et cela en fait un objet plus qu'intéressant que l'on aime redécouvrir écoute après écoute." Jaques Prouvost, Jazzques (19/04/2020)


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1. De Nouveau
Q. Stokart - 03:59

2. Monotone One
collective improvisation - 03:08

3. Tuft
Q. Stokart - 04:36

4. Kale
collective improvisation - 02:20

5. Kimchi
Q. Stokart - 04:30

6. Quasi Electric Response
collective improvisation - 02:54

7. Response
Q. Stokart - 02:58

8. Hum
collective improvisation - 02:46

9. Chi
Q. Stokart - 06:16

10. Tchinisse
collective improvisation - 01:16

11. Quantum
Q. Stokart - 05:10

total time - 44:53
eNR095 © 2020








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