Riccardo Luppi - tenor saxophone, flutes
Manolo Cabras - double bass
Lynn Cassiers - voice, electronics
João Lobo - drums

Recording: Paolo Casati
at the Teatro dell'Arte at the AH-UM Jazz Festival, Milano , Italy (16.11.2008)
Mix & Mastering: Manolo Cabras
Producing: Rogé Verstraete
Fotografie: Antonio Ribatti
Artwork / Lay-out: Dries Verstraete

Available on CD
release 4 december 2010


kort: Registratie van een geïmproviseerd live-concert vanop het 7de AH-UM Milano Jazz Festival op 16 november 2008, in het Teatro dell'Arte.

Riccardo Luppi's Mure Mure started out off a meeting between Riccardo Luppi himself and bassplayer Manolo Cabras, at the Padova Jazz Festival 2006 with Alberto Taccini and Tiziano Tonnoni. After this experience it was clear for Luppi and Cabras that they shared a common approach in making music that they wanted to explore in the form of a new project. Manolo Cabras' constant flow of rhythmical melodies in form of counterpoint, naturally blends to the more leading lines of Riccardo Luppi that with his expressive sound gradually constructs the story. The concept of composing free forms maintaining a strong overview on the shape of an entire concert is surely a major concern in their vision of music. The need to express melodies and counterpoint in as many different timbres as possible, leaded to the choice for the singer Lynn Cassiers that includes also words and electro-acoustic soundtextures in her personal language of 'treated voice'. As well as for Joao Lobo with his unusual variety in soundpalette and remarkable vieuw on his role in instant composition, the choice for him to complete this quartet, had seemed obvious from the very start. Riccardo Luppi's Mure Mure is mainly dedicated to explore the unknown spaces in between the bigger lines of already existing structures in music."




"De Italiaanse tenorsaxofonist Riccardo Luppi heeft een sound die soms erg sterk op die van de Amerikaan David S. Ware lijkt, en dat terwijl de ritmesectie die hem hier ondersteunt (bassist Manolo Cabras en drummer João Lobo) met even veel verve de vrije oorden opzoekt." Guy Peters, Draai om je Oren (06/03/11)

"Le quartette nous emmène dans un monde musical étonnant, il tente de nous câliner, de nous bercer, de nous blesser aussi, et de nous perdre… pour mieux nous rattraper au dernier moment. L’expérience est déroutante, mais tellement excitante. Il y a une telle connivence entre les musiciens, qu’ils peuvent improviser des histoires comme ils veulent. C’est un cadavre exquis. Exquis."Jazzques, Jacques Prouvost (14/06/2011) A+


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1. Travelling pangae
R. Luppi - 6:43

2. Caronte's bell
R. Luppi - 9:57

3. Mure mure mure
R. Luppi - 9:46

4. Cross fades
R. Luppi - 9:50

5. Sure enough
R. Luppi - 11:11

6. Any ghost up there?
R. Luppi - 12:19

total time - ..:..
eNR004 © 2010

Mure Mure is an improvisers collective.
All musics are instantly composed during performance.






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