Jean-Paul Estiévenart - trumpet
Nicola Andrioli - piano
Manolo Cabras - double bass
Marek Patrman - drums

Recorded at Studio Grez, Brussels, on the 7th & 8th of May 2016
Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Manolo Cabras
Production: Manolo Cabras & Rogé for el NEGOCITO Records
Artwork: Claudia Ignoto
Layout: Claudia Ignoto & Manolo Cabras

Available on CD
release September 1, 2016 at 'Jazz in Park' festival in Ghent, Belgium


After 4 years from his first record as leader 'I wouldn't be sure', Manolo Cabras brings out his new work under his name,'Melys in Diotta'. During his carrier as a side man, Cabras appears at the sides of artists like Enrico Rava,Toots Thielmans, Paolo Fresu, Roswell Rud, Charles Gale, Marshal Allen, Maria Pia De Vito, Marc Murphy, Eric Vloeimans, Jasper Blom, Jesse van Ruller, Benjamin Herman, Eric Inneke, Wolfert Brederode, etc...

In 2003 Manolo Cabras gets involved in the Belgian jazz-scene. He plays and/or records with the Ben Sluijs Quartet, Toots Thielemans Quartet, Manuel Hermia Trio, Chris Joris Quartet, Frederik Desmyter Quartet (ft. John Ruocco), Pierre Vaiana Quartet, Eve Bouvens Heptatomic and Erik Vermeulen Trio.

For this project, the Manolo Cabras Quartet exists of 4 unique musicians that share their roots in the traditional jazz. Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Nicola Andrioli and Marek Patrman belong definitely to the finest of the Belgian actual jazz scene.

In Cabras' compositions his band is invited to a continuous research within the structure, a daring game where tradition is never far away but yet challenged and joyfully explored. This band resonates jazz strongly while remaining surprisingly fresh. Reminiscing Miles, Coltrane or Ornette in its concept of swing while revealing a large spectrum of colours with the expressive melodies of Manolo Cabras.




"Melys in Diotta è album solido, elegante, suonato con freschezza da musicisti in grado di interpretare al meglio le strutture compositive del leader e assecondarne/stimolarne le strategie esecutive." Vincenzo Roggero, All About Jazz (24/11/2016)

"Het zijn van die solo's die je als luisteraar meeslepen, haast ongemerkt optillen en je enkele ogenblikken later in een andere hoek van de kamer neerzetten." Joachim Ceulemans, (05/09/2016)

"Une musique empreinte d'une vraie personnalité." Claude Loxhay, Jazz'halo (08/2016)

"Stuk voor stuk mannen die passen bij datgene wat Cabras voor ogen had: spelen om te voelen en af toe zelfs om te vliegen." Dirk Roels, Jazzmozaïek (12/09/2016) ***** keuze van de redacteur

"ces quatre musiciens cherchent de nouveaux itinéraires, de nouvelles structures, de nouvelles formes. Mais cette quête n'est pas intellectuelle, elle est fraîche et joyeuse." Jean Claude Vantroyen, Le Soir (08/2016) ****


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1. Melys in Diotta
M. Cabras - 05:12

2. E La Nave Và
M. Cabras - 05:41

3. E.R.G.O.
M. Cabras - 05:43

4. Lena
M. Cabras - 06:22

5. Uncle Stevie
M. Cabras - 06:08

6. Inevitabilmente
M. Cabras - 07:17

7. E.S.D.A.
M. Cabras - 04:36

8. Ciaccacciacchi
M. Cabras - 05:03


total time 48:02
eNR050 © 2016






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