Rodrigo Fuentealba - guitar
Philipp Weies - guitar
Bruno Coussée - bass
Karel De Backer - drums
Matthias Standaert - drums
Peter Vermeersch - tenor saxophone
Mattias De Craene - tenor saxophone
Peter Delannoye - trombone
Dree Peremans - trombone
Luc Van Lieshout - trumpet
Hans Bossuyt - trumpet
Kwinten Mordijck - baritone saxophone
Peter Verdonck - baritone saxophone

Sound: Patrick Van Neck
Production: el NEGOCITO Records &Rodrigo Fuentealba
Graphic Design: Mario Debaene
Screen Printing: Smeraldina-Rima
Photo: Caroline De Meyer

Available on CD
released April 19, 2014


Manngold de Cobre's debute album: wild, energetic, tight and with a strong focus.

Recorded with the whole band (13 piece) playing live in a CBGB style studio, with no later embellishments. Tribal repetitive mayhem (2 drums), the horn section sometimes hitting as hard as the MC5-ish guitars, as well as cosmic Sun Ra arrangements and healing scapes as Davis' In A Silent Way. Add some proto space punk and noise and you're in for something really really unique.

Some bands are just born to put the stage on fire. The energetic instrumental quintet MannGold (lead by Rodrigo Fuentealba) is one of them. Influences from minimalism and punk to krautrock and free jams merge into an eclectic blend that seduces and inebriates the audience. Add to that an eight-piece horn section (lead by Peter Vermeersch) and you have a thrilling energetic orchestra that surprises you with its tribal rhythms, powerful brass section and roaring guitars. The music grabs you from the first second and doesn't let you go until the last tone. This is the band that kicks ass as much on a jazz festival as on a rock festival.

It was a challenge to capture the wild energy and unwavering focus for a studio album. Thanks to he use of a no-nonsense approach in the Vantage Point studio this was largely achieved. The debut album of MannGold de Cobre is everything an album must be: clenched, powerful and wild but tight and with a strong focus. Recorded with the whole band (13 piece) playing live in a CBGB style studio, with no later embellishments. Tribal repetitive mayhem (2 drums), the horn section sometimes hitting as hard as the MC5-ish guitars, as well as cosmic Sun Ra arrangements. Then softly the music moves into cosmic healing scapes such as Davis' In A Silent Way and caresses our senses for it to break free again into endless thundering sections that combine primitive rock 'n' roll with proto space punk, noise and sexy psychedelics. Because of this coctail, MannGold de Cobre is something really really unique.

Guitarist Rodrigo Fuente Alba is a Gent-Chilean who has played with Gabriel Rios, Arsenal, Novastar, Motek and Fifty Foot Combo. He also is engaged in more experimental and free improvisation enclined projects with colleagues such as Bert Dockx, Mauro, Steven de Bruyn, Kapotski, Bart Maris, Teun Verbruggen...

Peter Vermeersch, the leader behind Flat Earth Society, is also composer, clarinetist, saxophonist and producer in the rock environment (dEUS, Madensuyu) and composed for danse and theater (Wim Vandekeybus, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Dito'Dito, Walpurgis, Radeis and Josse De Pauw). He also writes music for the Arditti Quartet, Prima La Musica, the Smith Quartet and recently for the Spectra Ensemble.

The rest of the musicians come from very different horizons: Intergalactic Lovers, Tuxedomoon, Arno, Kowlier, Arid, Gabriel Rios, dEUS, Fifty Foot Combo, Mauro, Brussels Jazz Orchestra and many more.



"Wow- such intense, ambitious stuff. Really dug it" Marc Ribot

"wow! cool music with cool video!! how long is this track? i hope it'll be infinite..." Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mother Temple)



"Quatre étoiles, oui. Parce que cet album m'a cloué dans mon fauteuil. J'étais abasourdi. Non pas par le bruit (il faut faire jouer ça fort), mais par la pulsation, l'énergie, la dynamique infernale de ce groupe, qui ne masque jamais cependant la subtilité enthousiasmante des arrangements." Jean-Claude Vantroyen, Le Soir (03/09/2014) ****

"De titelloze debuutplaat van MannGold de Cobre is alles wat een concert is und muss sein: gebald, krachtig en wild, met zowel bronstige blaaspartijen die herinneren aan Sun Ra, een massieve geluidsmuur waarin de blazers al net zo hard beuken als de gitaren, alsook kosmische scapes à la In A Silent Way waarin wordt gezalfd en gestreeld, en eindeloos voortdenderende secties die primitieve rock-'n-roll en proto punk verenigen met sexy psychedelica. Uniek."

"MannGold de Cobre, de dertienkoppige band van Rodrigo Fuentealba en Peter Vermeersch, slaat gensters." Knack Focus

"Manngold De Cobre is absoluut een topper en levert een debuut af met een mooie mix van psychedelische en jazzrock. Met hun eerste album bewijzen ze dat ze het absoluut niet alleen live kunnen. Waar wacht je nog op? Aanschaffen die plaat!" Patrick Blomme, Da Music (05/07/2014)

"het is een knoert van een plaat die het voorjaar zonet dat ietsje opwindender maakte." Guy Peeters, Enola, p.44 (9/05/2014) 8.0



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1. Wahnsinn
MannGold / P. Vermeersch - 09:20

2. Fuzzhound
MannGold / P. Vermeersch - 04:38

3. A Fistful of Sauerkraut
P. Vermeersch - 06:36

4. Sonic
MannGold / P. Vermeersch - 07:55

5. Stereo
MannGold / P. Vermeersch - 06:40

6. IND
MannGold / P. Vermeersch - 07:24

7. Ping (bonus on cd)
MannGold / P. Vermeersch - 08:54


total time: 51:23
eNR017 © 2014






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