Audrey Lauro - alto saxophone and preparations
Pak Yan Lau - toy pianos, synthesizer and electronics
Yuko Oshima - drums

Recorded live at Centro d'Arte Padova, 30th of November 2018
Engineer: Josè Dicati (JD Service)
Mastering: Giovanni Di Domenico, May 2020
Photograph of Cover: Audrey Lauro
Lay-out: Poppy Verstraete
Executive Producer : Rogé for el NEGOCITO Records

With the kind support of the Centro d'Arte Padova, Italy.


Available on CD
release March 4, 2021


Free improvisation can take many forms, adopt diverse strategies, follow different paths. It is a music that encompasses literally every kind of creative expression. In the case of Pak Yan Lau, Audrey Lauro and Yuko Oshima — three of today's most gifted improvisers — there's no clear preference for a particular language, no strict adherence to established musical forms.

Listening to the music of lauroshilau is participating in the creation of a new sonic world, that unfolds before our ears with surprising ease and a strong, yet mysterious logic. Minimal electroacoustic soundscapes slowly morph into free form bursts of energy, only to fall back to enigmatic passages that negotiate silence and sound. A dense dialogue made of carefully calibrated musical gestures that focus on timbre and pure sound, while keeping the tension high thanks to a solid structural arch that has a riveting, almost cinematic narrative dimension.

Of all the possible variants of free improvisation, this live recording represents maybe the most fascinating: where the musicians share an uncanny mutual understanding, where the attentiveness of the audience feeds the energy on stage, where every sound seems inevitable. Where the music, simply, happens.

Nicola Negri.




"What a ride." baze.djunkiii, Nitestylez DE (23/05/2021)

"This is improvisation projected from an unblinking, vigorous state of awareness, relentlessly shaking instinct loose from habit." Jack Chuter, ATTN:Magazine UK (15/05/2021)

"Live at Padova se révèle être une petite merveille." Philippe Elhem, Le Vif Focus (08/04/2021)

"The live setting, as well as the profound, mutual understanding of Lauro, Yan Lau and Oshima, promises that every sound seems inevitable and beautifully strange, and all these sounds accumulate into fascinating labyrinthine textures." Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts (07/03/2021)

"Pure schoonheid !" Cees van de Ven, Draai om je Oren (05/03/2021)

"Dit is 42 minuten haast ademloos luisteren." Dani Heyvaert, Rootstime (04/04/2021)


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1. live at Padova
all music by lauroshilau
one track for the concert at Padova

total time - 42:04
eNR098 © 2021





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