Mark Alban Lotz - piccolo, c-, alt-, bass-, pvc contrabass flute, voice & fx
Claudio Puntin - clarinet, bass clarinet, jaw harp, voice & fx
Albert van Veenendaal - piano & prepared piano
Jörg Brinkman - cello & fx
Alan Purves Gunga - drums, percussion, brim bram & other surprising sound objects

Recording: Piet Vermonden recorded live at 'Dommelhof' in Neerpelt on the 15th of September, 2016
Mixing & Editing: Jussi Denys in Antwerpen, Belgium 2017
Mastering: Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea Studios, 2018
Artwork: Nicolas Leus
Design and Photo: Pascal Van Hoorebeke

special thanks to Cees van de Ven &

Available on CD
release 09/12/2018


This recording documents the first live recording and the first meeting of Lotz Of Music with Claudio Puntin, a unique musical mind. We performed two sets of more than one hour where the list of tunes formed a guideline for one big improvisation. This creates an inspiring playground. We leaped into a journey of the unforeseen and loved it. Enjoy the journey.
— Mark Alban Lotz
September 2018. Zeist, The Netherlands




"Wie in dit avontuur mee durft te gaan, staat dezelfde ervaring te wachten. Gewoon ogen dicht, en doen! Een schijf met een immense rijkdom." Marc Van de Walle, Jazz and Mo #9 p.52 (09/2019)

"Lotz always stresses the importance of «being swept along by the power of the moment». And this is what «Live At JazzCase» is all about. An intuitive and joyful journey into ancient and imagined, colorful territories, characterized with inventive dramatic narrative, compassionate humor and many melodic gestures and games." Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts (21/03/2019)

"Jazz, kamermuziek, wereldmuziek en hedendaagse muziek worden hier naadloos aan elkaar gelast op een losse, soepele manier waar je met open mond naar zit te luisteren." Holly Moors, Moors Magazine (12/01/2019)


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1. Of Royal Herring
M. Alban Lotz - 09:04

2. Quasimodo
M. Alban Lotz - 03:58

3. Nistru
M. Alban Lotz - 09:55

4. Waiting For Prey
M. Alban Lotz - 06:32

5. Strollin' A Reef
M. Alban Lotz - 04:17

6. Improvisation
J. Brinkman / C. Puntin - 05:10

7. Tamago
M. Alban Lotz - 05:27

8. The Egg Jam Encore
El Uvo by Hermeto Pascoal - 04:38


total time: ..:..
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