Pak Yan Lau - prepared piano (1/2 queue Erard 121 from 1903)
Lionel Malric - prepared piano (1/2 queue Erard 121 from 1908)

Mixing: Lionel Malric
Mastering: Johan Caballé
Cover Photo & Design: Ian Dykemans

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release July 28, 2018 at the Astropy Festival, Olonzac - France


Bring together 2 grand pianos? What a funny idea! To make a duo of prepared pianos! The obviousness and simplicity of this duet was in the air. We seized it, the time of a week in the spring of 2014, without objective other than a meeting, ephemeral and confidential. We installed the pianos, we installed the microphones, it sounded ... and surprise, it sounds all on it's own! When replaying the recording, releasing an album seemed logical, essential.




"It is a wonderful listen, landmark music for prepared piano! Very recommended." Grego Applegate Edwards, gapplegate music review USA (04/05/2021)

"Merkwaardige schijf." Marc Van de Walle, Jazz and Mo (2019)

"The amazing thing about the performance is its inherent lyricism and harmonic beauty, even if most of the times it's even hard to grasp that the sounds are produced by pianos, and then by how many. Despite its exploratory nature, the music's emotional power is direct and intense. It's a wonderful illustration of visionary music that leaves all concepts behind to go to a new place, as yet unheard. And that place is incredibly fascinating and attractive." Stef Gijssels, The Free Jazz Collective (28/03/2019) *****

"Recommandé aux amateurs de musique improvisée radicale ou autres intrépides explorateurs sonores." Vif Focus (14/03/2019)

"Alors on se laisse glisser dans cet inconnu, comme on tombe sous le charme d'un poème dont les mots trouvent leur écrin, quelque part, en nous." Raphaël Benoit, Citizenjazz France (24/02/2019)


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1. lost and found: turdus merula
P. Y. Lau / L. Malric - 05:18

2. l'obstacle
P. Y. Lau / L. Malric - 00:30

3. mount tune
P. Y. Lau / L. Malric - 08:46

4. lhotse, nuptse ou lhaotse
P. Y. Lau / L. Malric - 05:39

5. angel's hair to pull
P. Y. Lau / L. Malric - 03:29

6. shredded tears make misty clouds
(on a winter day whithout jackets and gloves)

P. Y. Lau / L. Malric - 09:40

7. les baleines du negoiou
P. Y. Lau / L. Malric - 09:16


total time: ..:..
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